长大了,不要像孩子一样.儿时的回忆之”We are wasting time here.”


WarCraft 3 永恒的经典


– Ready to work! 准备工作
– Yes, me Lord? 是,陛下?
– What is it? 要做什么?
– More work? 还有工作?
– What? 什么?
– [建筑] Construction Zone! Do not enter!*** 建造区无法进入!
– [建筑] Hard hat required!*** 戴好安全帽!
– [建筑] Move along, nothing to see here.*** 向前走,这里没什么好看的
– [建筑] I need a hard hat!*** 我需要一顶安全帽
– [建筑] Job”s done! 工作完成
– Righto!* 好哦
– Yes, me Lord! 是,我的陛下
– Alright. 好吧
– Off I go then. 那我去了
– You”re the King? Well I didn”t vote for you. 你是国王?我可没有投票给你
– We found a witch, may we burn her? 我们找到一个女巫,我们该烧死她吗?
– Help! Help! I”m being repressed! 救命!救命!我被镇压了!
– A horse kicked me once. It hurt! 我被马踢过,真疼!
– Doh! 咚!
– [.vs 英雄] Yaaahhh! 呀!!
– I guess I can. 我猜我可以
– If you want. 如果您想要
– No one else available? 别人不可以吗?
– That”s it, I”m dead! 好吧,我死定了!

– Ready for action! 准备行动!
– Orders? 命令?
– What do you need? 需要什么?
– Yes, my Liege! 遵命,陛下!
– Say the word! 下令吧!
– Aye, me Lord! 是,陛下!
– On my way! 行进中!
– Right. 对
– Of course.当然
– Don”t ask, don”t tell. 不要问,不要说
– Grab your sword and fight the Horde! 握紧你的剑与兽人战斗吧!
– Uncle Lothar wants YOU! 洛萨大叔需要你!(洛萨是人类国王)
– It”s only a flesh wound! 这只是新伤口!
– [.vs 英雄] For Lordearon! 为了洛丹伦!(洛丹伦:人类联盟之家园)
– Let me at em!* 我来进攻他们!
– Attttaccckkk! 进~攻~~~
– To arms! 拿起武器!

– Locked and loaded! 锁定目标,填弹完毕!
– Aye, sir? 是,长官?
– Ya have a target? 您有目标吗?
– I”m your shooter! 我是您的射手!
– What do you need? 您需要什么?
– OoooK. 好的~~
– I”ll take care of it! 我来搞定!
– Time to go! 该走了!
– Aight!* 好啊
– This. Is. My. Boomstick! 这,是,我的,火枪!
– Where”s me drink?* 我的酒哪儿去了?
– I can”t shoot straight unless I”ve had a pint! 我不喝个一品脱就打不准!
– Oh! There”s me drink. Get. In. My. Belly! 噢!这是我的酒,进 我 的 肚 子 吧!
– Guns don”t kill people. I DO! Ha ha! 枪并不会杀人,我会!哈哈!
– Don”t shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me! 别拿那东西射,射,射我
– I shot the Sheriff, and the Deputy, and your wee doggy TOO!* 我杀了郡长,又杀了副官,现在我要杀你这狗崽子!
– You”ll take me blunderbuss we ye pry it from my cold, dead hands! 我死了你才能从我手中把枪拿走!
– [.vs 英雄] For Iron Forge! 为了钢铁熔炉(部落名)!
– Fire! 射击!
– I”ve got the beast in my sights! 我在视野中发现了野兽!
– Take that you sod. 尝尝这个你这#¥%*
– Shoot ta kill!* 射杀!

– I await your command! 等待您的命令!
– Sire? 陛下?
– Your honor! 以您的荣誉!
– Command me! 命令我吧!
– Yes, my Lord? 是,陛下?
– [冲锋] For Azaeroth!** 为了艾泽洛斯(人类以前的故乡)!
– At once! 马上!
– For the King! 为了国王!
– Aboslutely! 绝对服从!
– I swear it! 我发誓!
– My favorite color is blue… NO, yellllooowwww….. 我喜欢的颜色是蓝色……不,是黄色(声音渐弱)
– Victory for Lordearon!洛丹伦必胜!(头盔掉下来了)
– Dost thou speak unto me?* 汝谓吾呼?(呵呵,古文)
– By the Gods you”re annoying! 以上帝的名义……您真是烦!
– I never say: Ni! 我从来没说过Ni!
– Damn helmet, can”t seem to get … this … thing. (从头盔里传出的模糊声音) 该死的头盔,摘不下来(马的哀鸣声)
– [.vs 英雄] For honor, for freedom! 为了荣誉,为了自由!
– For the King! 为了国王!
– Have at thee! 进攻汝!
– To the death! 受死吧!

– I come to cleanse this land! 我为净化这片土地而来
– What ails you? 是什么困扰着你?
– Yes, my friend. 是,我的朋友。
– Is my aid required? 需要我的帮助吗?
– Is someone injured? 有人受伤了吗?
– [驱魔] Be gone spawn of Darkness! 消失吧!黑暗之子
– [治疗] Be well! 好
– Of course! 当然
– I am your servant! 为您服务!
– As you wish. 如你所愿
– Right away. 马上
– Scalpel… spounge… magic wand. 手术刀……海绵……魔法杖
– There is peace and serenity within the Light. 光芒照耀着和平与宁静
– Clear! (能听到电流声) 明白!
– Crossover children… crossover into the Light! 穿越吧,孩子……找到光明!
– I have been chosen by the big metal hand in the sky! 我被天上的巨大铁手选中了(鼠标指针)
– Side affects may include dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, water retention, painful rectal itch, hallucination, dementia, psychosis, coma, death and halitosis. Magic is not for everyone. Consult your doctor before use. 可能的副作用包括口干舌燥、恶心、呕吐、积水、阵痛、幻觉、痴呆、精神病、昏迷、死亡和口臭。魔法并不适用于所有人,使用前请遵医嘱。
– [.vs 英雄] For the memory of Quelforloss!** 为了Quelforloss的回忆!
– Be gone spawn of Darkness! 消失吧,黑暗之子!
– Now feel my rath! 现在,感受我的愤怒吧!
– By the power of the Light, burn! 以光明力量的名义,燃烧吧!

– The flows of magic are whimsical today! 今天的魔法波动反复无常
– Do you require aid, human? 需要帮助吗,人类?
– This better be good. 最好如此
– Help me, help you. 帮助我就是帮助你
– What”ll it be hot shot?*
– Kick down sparky.
– [隐形] See ya later!* 一会见!
– [减速] What”s your hurry? 你慌什么?
– [水元素] It”s time to get wet! 是时候来点水份了
– If you insist. 如果你坚持的话
– What a good idea. 真是个好主意
– It”s about time. 是时候了
– Once again, it”s up to the elves. 事情又由精灵来决定了
– Click my baby, one more time! 点我呀,宝贝,再来一次!
– Maybe you should get a strategy guide! 也许你需要一本战略指导
– I don”t remember casting slow on you. 我不记得对你施了缓慢
– You don”t get out much do you? 你不太明白,是吧?
– Let”s chat on Battle.net sometime. 我们改天在战网上聊吧
– For the “End of the World” spell, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. 想用世界末日魔法,按Ctrl+Alt+Delete
– [.vs 英雄] For the Alliance! 为了联盟!
– You wish is my command! 您的意愿就是我的命令
– Now victory shall be ours. 胜利属于我们
– Without delay! 马上!

Spell Breaker
Ready – “I smell magic in the air.” —空气中有魔法的味道。
Warcry – (Elvish)
What1 – “I thirst for magic.”—我渴求魔法。
What2 – “Be quick, time is mana.”—快些,时间就是魔法。
What3 – “The blood elves await.” —我们血精灵准备好了。
What4 – “Get on with it!” —开始吧。
Yes1 – “I’ll handle it” —我能控制好。
Yes2 – “Easily done.” —轻而易举
Yes3 – “Watch and learn.” —观察,并学习
Yes4 – “Leave it to me” —让我来做。
Yes5 – “Very clever.” —很明智。
YesAttack1 – “For Quel’Thalas!” —为了Quel’Thalas!
YesAttack2 – “It’s come to this!” —是时候了!
YesAttack3 – “Your magic is mine!” —你的魔法是我的了!(魔法抓取)
Pissed1 – “Im a magic man. I’ve got magic hands.” —我是魔法之男(觉得翻译成魔法师没味道)。我有魔法之手。
Pissed2 – “I never stole any buffs. I got ?? for everything.” —我从不披毛皮。我尊重万物。(?)
Pissed3 – “I smell magic in the air. Or maybe BBQ.” —空气中有魔法的味道。呃也许是BBQ(碳烤肉)。
Pissed4 – “I stole your preciouses” —我偷了你的珍爱。(指魔法)
Pissed5 – “Yeah, you can get a nickle for boosting starfall, but jacking heal’s a ten day stint in county. Now lifting faery fire, they just let you go for that. It’s not even worth the paperwork. But reincarnate! Man! That’ll get you life.

Dragon Hawk
Ready – “Glory to the blood elves.” *roar*— 血精灵之荣耀!
Warcry – “My fury is unleashed!” *roar* —释放我的愤怒!
What1 – “Prepare to fly.” —准备飞行。
What2 – “What is it?” —什么?
What3 – “Be quick human.” *roar*—快些,人类。
What4 – “My powers are ready.” —我准备好了
What5 – “Where must we fly?” —飞去哪里?
Yes1 – “I fly.” —我飞翔。
Yes2 – “The sky is mine” *roar*—天空由我掌管。
Yes3 – “Winds guide me.” —风指引着我。
Yes4 – “Clear the skies.” —清除天空。
YesAttack1 – “Strike!” *roar* —攻击!
YesAttack2 – “Choke on this.” —让你窒息。
YesAttack3 – “Accept the pain.” —接受痛苦吧。
YesAttack4 – “They shall all burn.” *roar* —把他们烧成灰烬!
YesAttack5 – “No retreat!” —不准退却!
Pissed1 – “Permission to buzz the tower?” —允许逼近那座塔堡?
Pissed2 – “I’ll hit the breaks, he’ll fly right by.” —我会撞上那个breaks(破坏者?),他正飞过来。
Pissed3 – “Tell Blizzard i’d make a great action figure.” —告诉blizzard我想成为一个伟大的角色。(遗言了。。)
Pissed4 – “That’s right pal(adin), i am dangerous.” — 是的圣骑士先生,我是危险的。
Pissed5 – “Get that filthy curser away from me!” —让污秽的诅咒远离我!
Pissed6 – “We’re currently hovering at a comfortable altitude of fifteen feet.”—我们正在15英尺高度安然的盘旋。
Pissed7 – *baa* “Whats a mountain goat doing up here?” *splat* —*羊叫声*怎么这会有只野山羊?!*撞击声*
Pissed8 – *ahhhhh* “Drop the villager. Drop it. Drop it.” *roar* *splat* —*惨叫声*把村民扔下去,快,扔下去。*咆哮声**坠落声*

矮人直升机 –
– We have liftoff! 我们起飞啦!
– How you doin?* 你好啊~
– What”s the flight plan? 飞行计划呢?
– Where to? 去哪儿?
– Ok to go. 可以走了
– Oh, it”s you. 哦,是你啊
– Roger wilco! 收到,照办!
– Will do command. 奉命行事
– Approaching the sound barrier! 逼近音障!
– What, over there? 什么?那边?
– They”ll never hear me coming! 他们永远听不到我!(直升机引擎发出巨大响声)
– Opsss. I dropped something. (炸弹掉落声) 啊哦,我把什么东西掉下去了(爆炸声)
– Stay on target! 紧随目标!
– I”d rather be flying.. uh… oh. 我宁愿飞行,呃,喔……
– You can be my wingman anytime! 你可以随时做我的舵手!
– Pilot to Bombardier. Bombardier here, go ahead Pilot. 飞行员呼叫投弹手。这里是投弹手,飞行员请讲(矮人直升机上只有一个人)
– I will now demonstrate the doppler effect. d… o… p… p…. l….. e……. r 我现在来证明多普勒作用。多……普……勒……
– There”s… something… on… the wing. 机翼上……有……什么东西
– I”m on a different PLANE of exstence. Get it? Plane? 我在一种叫飞机的物体上,懂吗?飞机。
– [.vs 英雄] Off to the wild blue yonder! 前往远处蓝色的原野!
– This bomb”s for you! 这个炸弹送给你!
– I”ve got tone! 我要唱歌!
– Death! 死吧!
– Take it! 接着!
迫击炮小队- (注解: 这个兵种有两个人, 所以并不是一个人在那里自言自语) (矮人#2 在[ ] 里)
– Mortar combat! 迫击炮战斗组(用唱的)
=Selection Sounds=
– Let”s get to fightin”!* 我们去战斗吧!
– Where do you want us? 想让我们去哪儿?
– Show us a target! 给我们指个目标!
– Hello! 哈楼!
– Gotta go. [ Me too! ] 该走了[我也是!]
– Move your arse! 走了,笨蛋
– You made the right choice. [ It”s on! ] 正确的选择![行动中!]
– Common shorty. [ On our way! ] 快点,矮子![正在路上!]
– We”ll do it in a jiffy! 我们瞬间就能完成
– Mobile! 移动!
– [ It”s you and me pal. ] We”ve got the energy. 就是你和我,伙计[咱们矮人有力量]
– I”m T.N.T. [ I”m Dyno Mite! ] 我是TNT。[我是Dynamite(炸药名)]
– [ We must defeat the dwarfs! ] Ugghhh! We are the Dwarfs! [ Oh. ] [我们必须消灭矮人!]呃啊!我们就是矮人![噢。]
– You”ve got a chip on your shoulder. [ Mmm, yes, and a bit of fish too! ] 你的肩膀上有些弹药碎片(薯条)[恩,是啊,还有鱼片呢!]
– And that”s how baby dwarfs are made. [ Ah! ] 矮人Baby就是这么来的[啊@@]
– [ Clearly Tassadar has failed us. You must not! ] 显然Tassadar让我们失望了,你绝对不可以!(Tassadar:圣堂武士,Protoss的英雄)
– [ What”s that? ] Get your finger out of that bung hole! [那是什么?]把你的手指从炮筒里拿开!
– Hmmm hmmm hmmm. Burn and lootin”. Bomb and shootin”! (用唱的) 亨~亨~亨~燃烧引线,发射炮弹~
– Take this you bastards! 接着这个,混蛋!(炸弹爆炸)
– [.vs 英雄] For Kazmodon!** 为了Kazmodon(矮人家园)
– This battle is over! 战斗结束!
– Eat mortar! [ Eat lead! ] 吃我的迫击炮![吃我的炮弹!]
– They”re dead! 他们死定了!
– Hey you, catch! 嗨,你,接着!
– Eat hot dead! 欢快的死吧!
蒸汽坦克- (注解: 所有音效都是噪音而无文字)
狮鹫骑士 –
– It”s hammer time! 该抡起锤子了!
– Ya can count on me! 看我的吧!
– Aye, sir? 是,长官?
– I”m your dwarf! 我是您的矮人
– I”ll do what it takes. 我会照办的
– Ahhhggg! 啊~~
– Ahhggg! Count me in! 啊,算我一个!
– You”re the boss! 你是老大
– No problem! 没问题
– That”s great. 好极了
– To the skies! 飞向蓝天!
– Judge me by my size do ya? 根据我的块头来看待我的,是吗?
– It”s not the size of the hammer that counts, it”s how you wield it! 战锤的尺寸并不重要,重要的是你怎么用它。
– Someone gave me the bird. 有人给了我这只鸟
– This Warhammer costs 40K. Hehe. 这只战锤花了40000块,呵呵
– Half this beast is endangered, but the other half IS danger! 这怪物(狮鹫)一半处于危险……但另一半本身就是危险!
– [.vs 英雄] For Kazmodon!** 为了Kazmodon!
– Death comes for ye!* 死神来找你了!
– For victory! 为了胜利!
– By Muridin”s beard!** 以Muridin胡子的名义!
大法师- (英雄,城镇中心)
– This had better be worth it! 这样做最好值得!
– You require my assistance? 需要我的协助吗?
– What is it now? 现在如何?
– Get on with it! 继续!
– Well? 什么?
– I can hardly wait! 我不能再等了!
– Perfect! 好极了!
– Whatever! 怎样都行!
– Fine! 很好!
– Don”t you have a strategy? 你就不能有点战略吗?
– Your prattle begins to annoy me. 我开始对你的天真感到厌烦了
– You”d best stay clear of me, or I”ll turn you into a mindless sheep! 你最好别碰我,不然我会把你变成一只没大脑的绵羊!
– I don”t waste my magic on just anything! 我不会随便浪费我的魔法的
– [.vs 英雄] For glory! 为了荣誉!
– To battle! 战斗啊!
– For glory! 为了荣誉!
– Nimflorie frostades seda!** (吟唱咒语)
山丘之王- (英雄,城镇中心)
– Alright, who wants some? 好吧,谁想来试试
– Aye? 什么?
– Wait ”til you see me in action!* 等待行动指示
– Give me something to do! 让我做点事吧
– Hmmmph! 恩!
– Brilliant! 英明!
– I”m coming through! 我来了!
– Move it! 行动!
– Out of my way! 让开!
– Could you put some bonus points in my drinking skills? 你能给我的喝酒技能升几级吗?
– Any fish and chips shops about here?* 这附近有炸鱼土豆片卖吗?
– I think it”s time for a nippy sweetie!** 我认为该吃点心了。
– What the bloody hell are you playin” at?* 该死的,你在玩些什么啊?
– There”s nothing more motivatin” than fightin” with a bad hangover!* 喝的烂醉然后打仗最爽了!
– Where”s the pub? 酒馆在哪?
– Let”s get PIST! 去喝个痛快吧!
– [.vs 英雄] For Kazmodon!** 为了Kazmodon!
– To arms! 拿起武器!
– Death comes for ye!* 死神来找你了!
– I”ll run em through!* 我来搞定他们!
– Watch this! 看这招!
圣骑士- (英雄,城镇中心)
– I live to serve all believers! 我为服务信徒而生!
– What would you ask of me? 您要我做什么?
– I am not afraid! 我没有恐惧!
– Let me face the peril! 让我来面对危险!
– At your call! 为您效劳!
– [驱魔] Strike down upon thee with great vengance and fury! 以复仇的愤怒力量击倒汝!
– As you wish! 随你所愿!
– For honor! 为了荣誉!
– For my people! 为了我的人民!
– It shall be done! 理应如此!
– It”s hammer time! 该抡起锤子了!
– I want to be your sledge hammer! 我愿成为您的巨锤!
– Touch me not, I am chaste! 别碰我,我是纯洁的
– No, is that your final answer? 不,那就是你最后的回答?
– I have bad brethren 我已经有很多兄弟了。
– Is that a sword? Luxury! Is that a horse? Sloth! Is that a helmet? Vanity! 那是剑吗?奢侈!那是马吗?懒惰!那是头盔吗?虚荣!
=攻击音效= Death to the infidels!异端者死
– [.vs 英雄] In Lightbringer”s name, have at thee! 以光明使者的名义,进攻汝!
– Justice will be served! 公正终将得以伸张 Defending your name! 捍卫您的名誉!
Ready – “Burning to avenge” —复仇在燃烧
Warcry – “By the blood of the high-born!” —为了高等精灵之血!
What1 – “Do you see something?” –你看到什么了吗?
What2 – (Elvish) —(精灵语)
What3 – “Evil is near.” —邪恶就在附近
What4 – “I am here, mortal.” —我在这,人类。
What5 – “This battle bores me.” —战争让我厌倦
Yes1 – (Elvish)
Yes2 – “For my people.”—为了我的人民
Yes3 – (Elvish)
Yes4 – “For now.”—就是现在。
Yes5 – “Bah, childs play.”—呸,小孩子的玩意儿。
YesAttack1 – “I’ll incinerate them.” —我来把他们烧成灰烬。
YesAttack2 – “For Quel’Thalas!” —为了Quel’Thalas!(高等精灵国家)
YesAttack3 – “They shall burn” —他们该被烧尽。
Pissed1 – “The blood of the high-born is my birth right.” —高等精灵之血是我出生的权利。
Pissed2 – “The ghosts of Quel’Thalas cry out for vengeance” —Quel’Thalas的灵魂在呼喊着复仇。
Pissed3 – “I find your insolence disturbing” —你的傲慢让人恶心。
Pissed4 – “If you dont master your anger, your anger will master you. I should know” —如果你不能控制你的愤怒, 你就会被你的愤怒控制。我应该知道的。(却没有做到。。)(玩游戏也是一样,If you don’t master your game,your game will master you,we should know.:)
Pissed5 – “Hi. My… name is Roy. I’m a magic addict.” *murmuring*”Hi Roy” —“hi,我的名字。。。是Roy,我为魔法痴迷”。*自言自语声*hi,Roy。(学魔法的家伙,多少有点神经。。)
Pissed6 – “My blood cries out for the vengeance of my people’s blood. Which can only be repaid with at least twice as much blood. Or maybe three times as much blood. Like if you went to hell, and it was full of blood. And that blood was on fire. And it was raining blood. And maybe that would be enough blood. Ehh, but probably not.”


– The damned stand ready! 诅咒者就绪!
– My life for Nazul! Ner ”zhul万岁!(Nazul应为Ner ”zhul,UD的老大,下同)
– I wish only to serve! 服从是我的天命!
– Thy bidding, Master? 您的命令,主人?
– Where shall my blood be spilled? 我的热血应撒向何处?
– I bow to your will. 服从您的意愿。
– Yes, Master! 是,主人!
– I gladly obey. 我乐意服从。
– My fate is sealed. 我的前途是未知的。
– Thy will be done! 您的意愿已完成!
– This is the hour of the scourge! 天罚的时代降临了!
– Death shall cleanse the world! 死亡将清洗大地!
– All I see is blackness… Oh, my hood”s down. 我见到无尽的黑暗…噢,我的头巾掉下来了。 – Let blood drown the weak! 让血海淹没弱者吧!
– My life for Aiur! Uh, I mean Nazul! Aiur万岁!啊,我指的是Ner ”zhul!
– The living be cursed! 诅咒生者!
– Would you like to know the secret to eternal happiness? Page 246. 想知道永恒的幸福的秘密吗?翻到246页。
– Once you head down the Dark Path, forever will it dominate your destiny! And you get dental. 一旦你步入黑暗,它会永恒支配你的命运!
– [.vs 英雄] I am sanctified! 我被净化了!
– Death shall reign! 亡灵支配一切!
– Fear the Reaper! 在死神面前颤抖吧!
– Let life cease! 生命,终结吧!

噬尸鬼 – (注解: 所有其他音效都是噪音)
– Me eat dead people! 我吃死人~
– Me scary! 我好怕怕哦~
– Me eat brains! 我吃脑髓~
– No guts, no glory! 不贪婪地吃,怎么能获得荣耀!

(趣味注解: 他的死亡音效文件名是”PitFiendDeath” 而不是”CryptFiend” )
– The sleeper awakes! 沉睡者苏醒了!
– Proceed! 前进!
– Make your choice!请指示!
– You rang? 你在召唤我吗?
– I await. 待命。
– [召唤Vile Insects] Rise! 起来吧!
– By Narube!** 以Narube的名义!
– What”s done is done! 奉命行事!
– The time is now! 是时候了!
– Yes, Master! 是,主人!
– What a tangled web we weave!我们编织的网多么缠绕!
– Spider sense tingling.
– Last week my top half was on the Discovery channel. 上星期我的上半身出现在《探索频道》
– And my bottom half was on Animal Planet. 而下半身出现在《动物星球》
– My ass always gets bloated during my spin cycle! (注解: lol) 我吐丝的时候PP都肿起来了!
– I like chicks that are into bandage! (注解: rofl!) 我喜欢绷带绑起来的小鸡
– I”m stuck on bandages, ”cause bandages are stuck on me!* 我被绷带绑住了,因为我绑住了绷带!
– [.vs 英雄] Fall before the scourge! 在天罚面前倒下吧!
– For the Spider Kingdom! 为了蜘蛛王国!
– Be drained of life! 吸干你的生命!
– You may feel a sting. 可能会有点疼的~

石象鬼- (注解: 全是噪音没有文字)

绞肉车- (注解: 全是噪音没有文字)

– Us hear and obey!* 我们听从命令!
– What we do?* 让我们做什么?
– Egghhhh?* 恩?
– We done waiting!完成并等待!
– Hmmmm. 唔
– Us go!* 我们上!
– Egghhhh?* 恩?
– Random terror!* 随机之恐怖!
– (Growl) 咆哮声
– (Growl) 咆哮声
– We come in peace… es! 我们平静的到来……(由碎片组成)。
– Happy entrails! 祝内脏快乐!
– You got us in stenches! 我们从恶臭中而来!
– Choke! *打嗝*
– (Growl) 咆哮声
– Us dead sexy! 我们贼性感!
– [.vs 英雄] All for one! (注解: 还有one for all!) 万物归一
– Kill! 杀!
– (Growl) 咆哮声
– Tear meat! 撕成肉片!
– Rip! 撕碎!

– The shadows beckon! 影子在召唤!
– The dead shall serve! 死者服从于我!
– The restless dead await! 无尽的死亡在等待!
– What does the shadow will? 何为影之意愿?
– This better be good! 这最好有用!
– [尸体炸弹] Bloody corpses! 血之尸啊!(尸爆?早取消了啊)
– [召唤骷髅] Awaken! 苏醒吧!
– Intriguing! 有趣
– For the Lich King!为了巫妖王!
– Let Darkness guide me! 黑暗,指引我吧!
– As the shadow wills! 服从影之意愿!
– Every man lives, not every man truely dies! 每个人都生存过,但不是每个人都会真正死去!
– I love the dead… frequently! 我爱死尸……经常是
– I see undead people! 我看见亡灵啦~~
– You smell something? Oh, its just the troops! 你闻到什么东西了吗?啊,这就是军队!
– Right click for hot, undead action! 点右键观看亡灵热舞秀
– [.vs 英雄] They”ll all be mine in the end! 他们最终都将成为我的傀儡!
– Die! 死吧!
– Tremble before the scourge! 在天罚面前颤抖吧
– None shall survive! 杀无赦!

骷髅- (注解: 全是噪音没有文字)

– Let my cries chill the living! 让生命在我的尖叫中颤栗吧!
– You call to me? 你召唤我?
– You brought me back? 你把我带回来了?
– Why have I been summoned? 为什么我被召唤来?
– What must I do? 我得做什么?
– High!* high
– If it pleases you. 如果这能取悦你
– Yes. 是
– If I must. 如果我必须做
– I must obey. 我必须服从
– If that is your wish. 如果那是你的意愿。
– Let this torment end! 让痛苦结束吧!
– How long must I suffer? 我还要受多少折磨?
– U. N. D. E. A. D. Find out what it means to me! U N D E A D,告诉我是什么意思!
– There is no banshee, only Zul!** 没有女妖,只有Zul。
– I hate you, I hate you… call me! 我恨你,我恨你……召唤我。
– [.vs 英雄] My death awaits! 死亡在等待我!
– Die! 死!
– Feel my pain! 感受我的痛苦吧!
– Your soul shall (注解: 还有一个字在”shall”后面, 我玩了超过30次还是听不清楚. 听起来象是以”m”开头的 但是我试过了所有以”m”开头的都发现不是很配.)你的灵魂属于我!

冰龙- (注解: 全是噪音没有文字)

– The damned return! 被诅咒者再生了!
– I shall be your eyes! 让我做你的眼睛!
– My sight is yours! 我的视线就是你的!
– What needs revealing? 有什么需要揭示?
– Let”s see. 我们来看吧
– I”ll look into it.我看一下
– All shall be revealed. 揭示一切
– I go unseen! 探索未知
– I”m but a shadow of my former self.我只是前身的一个影子
– What I do in death echoes in eternity! 我的死亡回荡于永恒!
– Death is its own reward! 死亡就是回报!
– I”m having a mid-death crisis! 我存在于生死之间
– I ain”t got no body! (用唱的) 我没有身体~~~~
– I”m invisible, gaseous, and deadly! 我是隐形的,气态的,致命的!
– [.vs 英雄] Glory to the scourge! 为了天罚的荣耀!
– More souls for the Master! 更多的灵魂将会归于我主
– Die! 死!
– Let screams fill the air! 让尖叫充斥天空!
– Feel my rath! 感受我的愤怒!
– For the Master! 为了我主!

死亡骑士- (英雄,城镇中心)
– The pact is sealed! 契约已订!
– You called? 你召唤我吗?
– My patience has ended! 我的耐心已尽!
– I am the Darkness! 我就是黑暗!
– My vengence is yours! 你就是我的复仇!
– Let battle be joined! 加入战斗!
– As you order! 听从命令!
– Hiyah! 嗨呀!
– At last! 终于!
– For the Lich King!为了巫妖王!
– Has hell frozen over yet? 地狱还没有冻住吗?
– I am the one horseman of the Apocalypse. 我是天命骑士之一。
– I hate people, but I love gatherings! 我恨人们,但我喜欢收藏品
– I”m a Death Night Rider! Muh ha ha ha 我是一个死亡骑士(死掉的夜骑士)!啊哈哈哈
– Blueca!**
– Don”t touch me… I”m evil! 别碰我……我是邪恶的!
– [.vs 英雄] Let terror reign! 让恐惧统治一切吧!
– Feel my rath! 感受我的愤怒!
– Ride or die! 逃跑还是受死!
– By Nazul! 以Ner ”zhul的名义

恐惧之王- (英雄,城镇中心)
– The night beckons! 夜在召唤!
– Greetings! 向您问候!
– What, mortal? 什么事,主人
– What is it now? 现在呢?
– I must hunt soon! 我立即行动!
– That was my plan! 正是我的计划!
– Agreed! 同意!
– Very well. 很好!
– You thought of that? 你也那么想?
– If I have wings, why am I always walking? 既然我有翅膀,为什么我总是步行?
– (电话铃声) Yes? Arrgghh! For the last time, I”m a Dread Lord, not a Drug Lord! 喂?啊!!我说最后一次,我是一个恐怖魔王,不是毒品王!
– This is not a dress, it”s the standard Dread Lord uniform!这不是一般的服装,这是恐怖魔王标准套装!
– Dress to kill! Blah! 是穿来杀人的!废话!
– (电话铃声) Yes? Darkness, hey, what”s up? The Demon Hunter left you a message? No, I don”t have his number. 喂?黑暗之王吗?嗨,情况如何?恶魔猎手给你留了条短信?哦,不,我没有他的号码。
– And then, after I overthrow this fool… Oh! Hello! I didn”t know you were there. 然后,我揭穿这个笨蛋……啊,喂,我不知道你在那
– Imbisile! 不可思议
– [.vs 英雄] Your soul is mine! 你的灵魂属于我!
– I hunger! 我饥渴!
– Deathrageous! 死之怒!
– Die! 死吧!

巫妖- (英雄,城镇中心)
– The ancient evil survives! 远古邪恶生还了!
– I am sworn to Nazul! 我效忠于Ner ”zhul !
– Thy bidding? 你的命令?
– Direct me! 指示我吧!
– Yours to command! 由你指挥!
– [清醒] Cllleeaarrr! 了 解!!!
– [冰霜铠甲] Nazul protect them!Ner ”zhul保护他们!
– [冰河] Freeze! 结冻吧
– [召唤冰龙] Rise from your grave! 从坟墓中复活吧!
– So be it! 正是如此!
– By your words! 听你的!
– It it destined! 这是宿命!
– Dead man walking! 死者在行走啊!
– Chilling! 颤抖吧!
– Could you chew that up for me? 能帮我咀嚼一下吗?
– I”m so poor, I don”t even have calcium deposits! 我真可怜,我甚至连个钙质的驱壳都没有。
– I am the Ghost of Warcraft past.我是魔兽之幽灵。
– I hear that banshee”s a real screamer! 我听见女妖还真是能喊哪!
– You should see the skeletons in my closet! 你该看看我橱子里的骷髅!
– Im hoe chap!**
– All the ladies dig rigor mortis. 女人们在掘坟。
– You are the Weakest Link, goodbye! 你是最烂的链接,再见
– [.vs 英雄] For the burning Legion! 为了燃烧军团!
– Embrace the end! 接受这个结局吧!
– I will crush you! 我要灭了你!
– Embrace the cold!接受寒冷吧!

Crypt Lord
Ready – “From the depths I come.” —我从深渊而来!(我从深奥中来!)
Warcry – “For the frozen throne.” —为了寒冰王座!
What1 – “Speak.” —讲。
What2 – “I have heard the summons.”—我已听到了召唤。
What3 – “Time is fleeting.” —时间飞逝。(它是古老的蜘蛛帝国的皇帝)
What4 – “My might cannot be matched.” —我的威力无可匹敌!
What5 – “I serve only the frozen throne.” —我只为寒冰王座服务!(我只出现在资料片中。)
Yes1 – “Ill see to it.” —我会注意的。
Yes2 – “By Nerub.” —为了Nerub(蜘蛛帝国)。
Yes3 – “Indubitably.” —毫无疑问。
Yes4 – “Cheeky.” —厚颜无耻。
Yes5 – “Ill consume the living and the dead.” —疾病毁灭生存者和死亡者。
YesAttack1 – “Oblivion awaits.” —赦免在等待。
YesAttack2 – “Feel the venom of Nerub.” —感受Nerub的怨恨!
YesAttack3 – “Raid!” —袭击!
Pissed1 – “The scourge will devour all.” —天灾将吞噬一切!
Pissed2 – “The strands of destiny weave only a web of death.” —命运之网,死亡之网。
Pissed3 – “It was good to be the king.” —身为国王,感觉不错。
Pissed4 – “Humans check in. They don’t check out.” —人类登记进来,却不能登记离开。
Pissed5 – “I’m the fifth beatle.”—我是第五只甲壳虫。(我是第五位披头士。*beatles,披头士,甲客虫,著名的四人 乐队*)
Pissed6 – “And they say Blizzard games don’t have bugs.”—他们说blizzard的游戏没有虫子。(他们说bizzard的游戏 没有bugs。)


– Ready to work! 准备工作
– Hmmm? 恩?
– Yes? 是的?
– Something need doing? 要做点什么吗?
– What you want? 你想要什么?
– Okie dokie. 好的好的
– Be happy to. 很乐意
– Work, work. 干活呀干活
– I can do that. 我做的了
– Whhaaaaaattt? 什 么???
– Me busy, leave me alone. 我很忙,别烦我
– No time for play. 没时间玩耍
– Me not that kind of Orc. 我不是那种兽人
– [.vs 英雄] Why not? 为什么不?
– I”ll try 我试一下
– Get em! 扁他们!
– Ok 好!
– Owww! 喔

– My life for the Horde! 为部落而生!
– Yes? 是的?
– Huh? 哈?
– Master? 主人?
– What you want? 你想要我干什么?
– Loktar! 兽人语
– Zugzug! 兽人语
– Dabu! 兽人语
– Swobu! 兽人语
– Why you poking me again? 为什么又戳我?
– Why don”t you lead an army instead of touching me? 你怎么不去指挥部队而一直碰我?
– Poke, poke, poke, is that all you do? 戳戳戳,你就会干这个吗?
– Eww, that was kind of nice. 呃,这还差不多
– Me so horned, me hurt you long time! 我有角,我会伤到你的哦
– Me no sound like Yoda, do I? 我听起来不象尤达(星战系列),(以尤达的口气)是吗?
– It not easy being green… (用唱的) 绿皮肤可不简单哟~
– [.vs 英雄] For the Horde! 为了部落!
– Hiyah! 嗨呀!
– Time for killing! 杀戮的时刻到了!
– Time to die! 去死吧!

– Venegence for Zulti
– Who you want me kill? 想让我杀谁?
– What? 什么?
– Wasch you want me do?* 想让我干吗?(Wasch you=what you,读读看是不是这样?)
– Wasch you want me go?* 想让我去哪?(该是where”j you,参见battle.net creeps中的Forest troll页)
– Ahhh! 啊!
– Anything you want 怎样都行
– Joo got it man!* 了解了兄弟
– Yeah, hehe hehe hehe he! 耶~呵呵,呵呵,呵呵,呵!
– Wasch you bother me for?* 为什么烦我
– Leave it to me, I take a big weight off your shoulders! 交给我吧,我给你减轻负担
– Schoo wanna buy a cigar?* (Schoo = you) 你想来只烟吗?
– Luuucyy!
– Say hello to my lil friend.跟我的小朋友说声好
– [.vs 英雄] Asdingo! 兽人语
– Asdingo! 兽人语
– Don”t mess with the bad guy! 别跟坏孩子在一起!
– It”s time for a lil blood! 血债血偿!

弩车 – (注解:音效全是噪音没有文字 )

– May my ancestors watch over me! 愿我的祖先注视着我!
– Bring it on! 来吧!
– I am able to help! 我帮的上忙
– How now! 现在怎么样?
– For the Tribes! 为了部落!
– Immediately! 马上!
– Well done! 干的好!
– Do not push me, or I wil impale you on my horns! 别推我,要不我会用我的角顶你。
– Doubles!
– Got Milk? 要奶吗?
– There”s a lot at stake here! 别的地方有很多树桩!
– Hey, what are these letters burned on my ass? 嗨,在我PP上印的什么字?
– Oh ley !**
– (玻璃碎裂) Sorry! 抱歉!
– [.vs 英雄] Ruuuuaahh! 喊声
– Death to the enemies of the Horde! 部落的敌人受死吧!
– Death to the Enemy! 敌人受死吧!
– Start running! 逃跑吧!
– Euuhhhhh! 喊声

狼骑兵 (趣味注解: 他的死亡音效文件名是”raiderdeath”但他叫做 ”wolfrider” )
– Ready to ride! (狼的喘气和吠叫声) 狼骑就绪!
– Yes Cheiftan? (狼的喘气声) 是,酋长?
– Hmmmm? (狼的呻吟声) 恩??
– Need something? (狼的喘气声) 需要什么吗?
– Say the word! (狼的吠叫声) 说啊!
– No problem! (狼的吠叫声) 没问题!
– Hi yah!* (狼的跑动声) 嗨呀!
– Mush! (狼的跑动声和呻吟声)
– Let”s ride! (狼的跑动声和呻吟声) 冲吧!
– Down boy! (狼的吠叫声) 下来,小孩!
– You”re annoying my dog! (狼的吠叫声) 你若恼我的狗了!
– What”s that smell? (狼的喘气声) Oh! Bad dog! (狼的哭叫声) 那是什么气味?啊!坏狗狗! – I”m hungry like the wolf! (狼的笑声) (注解: 听起来想狼的笑声… 当然,如果它们能笑的话) (用唱的) 我饿的象头狼!
– [.vs 英雄] For the glory of the War Chief! 为了酋长的荣耀!
– Sick em! (狼的咆哮声)
– Taste my steel! (狼的吠叫声) 尝尝我的铁刃!
– For Doomhammer! (狼的吠叫声) 为了毁灭之锤(一个部落吧?)

– Ready to soar Master! 准备飞行,主人!
– Are there enemies above? 有敌人在天上吗?
– Un double!*
– Sping Chieftan!* 正在侦察,酋长!
– I need order! 我需要命令!
– To the winds! 与风同行
– Let”s fly! 我们飞吧!
– Onward and upward! 向前,向上!
– Yee Haw! 呀呼~
– Peter! I can fly! Peter,我会飞了!Peter.
– I can see my house! 我看家我家房子了!
– The onnnly way to fly! 飞行的唯一办法
– I”m getting a little dizzy! 我有点头晕了!
– Flash! (飞兽在咆哮) Ah ha ha! 闪光吧,啊哈哈!
– Fly the friendly skies! 飞向友好的天空!
– Look, up in the sky! It”s a bird! It”s a plane! It”s ME! 看天上,那是一只鸟,那是一架飞机,那是我!
– [.vs 英雄] Death to all who oppose the Horde! 挡我部落者死!
– Die! 死!
– Death from above! 空中者死!
– Victory for the Horde! 我族必胜!
– For the glory of the Horde! 为了部落的荣耀!

柯多兽 (趣味注解: 在游戏和建造描述里面它们都叫”Kodo” 但是在音效文件里面它们都叫 ”Koto” ) 所有其他音效都是柯多兽的咆哮.
– Here comes the beast again! 野兽又回来啦!

– Storm, Earth, and Fire, head my call! 风暴,大地,火焰,接受我的召唤吧!
– Yes? 是?
– Yes, War Chief? 是,酋长?
– How can I help? 要我怎么帮忙?
– Direct me! 指引我吧!
– Understood! 了解!
– A wise plan! 明智的计划!
– For the Horde! 为了部落!
– Right away! 马上!
– You ever get hit by lightning where the sun don”t shine?你曾在没有太阳的地方被雷击过吗? (闪电声) (注解: 哎哟!)
– Back off pup! 后退,小子!
– The sky is falling! 天空,正在坠落!
– Raindrops keep falling on my head! (用唱的) 雨水不停落在我的额头~~
– No time for play, we have war to ! 没有时间玩啦,我们有仗要打!
– Electrifying! 放电!
– Blame it on the rain! Huh ha ha! 怪那些雨水吧!哼哈哈哈!
– [.vs 英雄] I dedicate my power to the Horde! 为部落贡献我的力量!
– Thunder! (雷鸣声) 雷!
– Power to the Horde! 以部落的力量!
– Feel the ground trrremble!* 感受大地的颤抖吧!
– Lightning! (闪电声) 电!

– Someone call for de doctor?* 有人召唤巫医吗?
– I hear de summons!* 我听到了你的呼唤!
– How may I serve? 我要怎样服务?
– You sick, me help? 你生病,我帮忙?
– What you be cravin?* 你在渴望什么?
– Pasdingo! 兽人语
– Ride eway!* (Right away!) 立刻!
– Da be good choice, man!* 正确的选择,兄弟!
– E com bou com!* ** 兽人语
– Do you be feelin well?* 你感觉好吗?
– I may have somethin for ya!* 我可能有东西要给你
– We be jammin! 有干扰!
– It”s a cook book. A cook book! 这是一本烹调书,一本烹调书!
– Soil and grain is made from Trolls!
– [广播员]: Fankuisan? [Fakuisan]: Yes? Go ahead. [广播员]: What the Iron Troll is doing right now, is putting the heads in a pot. They have to boil for 20 minutes, so that the eyes can be used in a second dish, an eye and rasberry sorbet. [女声]: Mmmm! Sounds good! (可以清楚得听见头普通一声掉进水的声音) (砒霜:哈哈哈哈哈哈)
– [.vs 英雄] Ahhh! 啊!!
– I do it… Now! 现在就做!
– Blah aha hul!* ** 兽人语!
– Blah!

Ready – “Blue troll here.” —兰色巨魔在此。(忧郁巨魔在此。)
Warcry – “Flames for Sul’jin!” —为了Sul’jin!
What1 – “Fire it up man.” —点火,伙计们!
What2 – “What you want me burn?” —要我把什么烧掉?
What3 – “yo” —唷!
What5 – “Ya, ya, what is it?” —ya,ya,什么,什么?
Yes1 – “You the boss.” —你,失败者。
Yes2 – “In fuego(?) baby.” —??,宝贝。
Yes3 – *laughs* “Sounds good to me man.” —*大笑*听起来不错哈哈
Yes4 – “I be down with that.” —我来把他打倒
Yes5 – *laughs*
YesAttack1 – *laughs* (high pitched) —*大笑*(投掷声)
YesAttack2 – “Catch!” —点着了!
YesAttack3 – *laughs*
YesAttack4 – “Take this.”—尝尝这个!
SuicideAttack – “The ends justify the means.” —只有结果才能证明方法的真确性。
Pissed1 – “Hey, shut up. The bat can’t hear where he’s going.” —嘿,闭嘴!蝙蝠在飞行的时候是听不到的。
Pissed2 – “I can see your house… burning.” —我能看到你的房子。。。在燃烧!
Pissed3 – “Nana nana nana nana” (to tune of Batman) “Ha! Me!” —“nananaaaaa”(蝙蝠人[蝙蝠侠?]的调子)哈 !是我!
Pissed4 – “My balls are burning.” —我的火球在燃烧。(我的pp在燃烧。)
Pissed5 – “Tell my wife I…” *crash* —告诉我妻子我。。。。*爆裂声*

剑圣 (英雄,城镇中心)
– I obey the six vengance!
– I am yours! 我属于你!
– Ohh! 噢!
– Yesa, Lord!* 是,主人!
– What task is there?有什么任务?
– I hearo and obey!* 我听从命令!(剑圣说的是日式英语……把r音发成鲁等)
– Hai! 日语,嗨咿!
– Excellent choice! 完美的选择!
– Yes, huh! 是,哈!
– Snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper!
– My a blade can cut through armor, and still cut a tomato!* 我的刀可以切穿盔甲,切到里面的番茄(心脏)
– Twin blade action, for clean, close shave everytime! 看我的双刀流……每次都可以把脸刮的很干净~(剔须刀呀?)
– Wasabi! 日语,芥末 (……剑圣整个一日本武士)
=Attack Sounds=
– [.vs 英雄] For the burning Blade! 为了燃烧之刃
– Taste a* my blade! 尝尝我的利刃
– Ailease! *喊声*
– Hooah! *吼声*

先知 (英雄,城镇中心)
– The future is ours! 未来属于我们!
– My eyes are open. 我洞悉一切
– Seeing is believing! 眼见为实
– Do you need my counsel? 需要我的忠告吗?
– Destiny awaits. 命运在等待
– It is certain. 确信无疑
– Of course. 当然
– I see. 明白
– Watch out!
– I see dead people. 我看见死人了(开地图秘籍哦,果然是farseer)
– Touch you tongue to mine! 敢用你的舌头舔我! (狼的呻吟声)
– Concentrate and ask again. 思想集中一点!再问我一遍
– Outlook not so good. 前景不太理想(暗指微软的outlook不太好用)
– Reply hazy. Try again! 回答的摸棱两可,再说一遍!
– [.vs 英雄] Spirits of Earth and Storm, strike! 大地与风暴的灵魂啊,攻击吧!
– Strike! 进攻!
– Look out! 注意!
– Attack! 进攻!

牛头人酋长 (英雄,城镇中心)
– I have an axe to grind! 我有把斧子要磨
– I stand ready! 我准备好了
– Your command? 你的命令?
– Your order? 你的指示?
– What would you ask of me? 你要我做什么?
– Done! 完成!
– For my ancestors!为了我的祖先们!
– An excellent plan! 好计划!
– Yes Chieftan? 是,酋长?(他自己也是酋长哦)
– Mmmm. My back is killing me! 唔,我的后背要了我的命。
– I need to take a load off! 我需要减轻负荷。
– Rrrrggg! I think I have a splinter! 呃啊~~~~我想我的骨头碎了!
– These poles are heavy, I should find someone else to tote em!这些柱子好沉啊,我该找别的人来背它(找个真人来作我的图腾)
– I used to have to go to war uphills, both ways!我以前打仗的时候还得上坡,两个方面……
– Your way, right away! 一是你上,二是马上
– [.vs 英雄] For the War Chief and the Tribes! 为了酋长和部落!
– For the Tribes! 为了部落!
– Honorguide me!* 荣誉引导着我!
– None shall pass! 把命留下

Shadow Hunter
Ready – “Want to see somethin’ real scary?” —想来点真正让人惊慌的玩意儿?
Warcry – “It be the mad time man.” —这真是一个疯狂的时代。
What1 – “Who do I kill first?” —先来干掉哪个?
What2 – “Where our enemies be hidin’?” —我们的敌人藏身在哪里?
What3 – “Use my power.” —以我的力量。
What4 – “Direct my blade.” —指引我的利刃。
What5 – “Who be my next victim?” —接下来谁受死?
Yes1 – “Move faster.” —行动更快些。
Yes2 – “It be a pleasure.” —很乐意。
Yes3 – “Right.” —的确。
Yes5 – “We be jammin’.” —我们陷入了困境。
Yes6 – *laughs*
Yes7 – “Ya man.”—年轻人。
YesAttack1 – “My blade be thirsty.” —我的刀刃渴望杀戮。
YesAttack2 – “I pity the fool.” —我真为那些愚蠢的家伙感到可怜。
YesAttack3 – “Killin’ be easy.” —将他杀死,简单。
YesAttack4 – “Die!” —死吧。
Pissed1 – “Keepin it real, up in the feal.” —保持真实,??
Pissed2 – “Your commander is a fool.” —你的指挥官是个傻瓜。
Pissed3 – “Call me for your free reading.” —有免费阅读的话请叫上我。
Pissed4 – “You’re the baddest soul in town man.” —你是整个部落最糟糕的灵魂,小子。
Pissed5 – “Humans. They think they know everything.” —人类,他们总以为自己无所不知。
Pissed6 – “You lack discipline.” —你缺乏纪律。
Pissed7 – “Stop whinin’.” —别再抱怨了,年轻人。
Pissed8 – “Look at me. I’m happy.” —看看我。我多开心。
Pissed9 – “Ooh, Baby.”—喔,孩子。


小精灵 (注解: 音效全部为噪音没有文字)

– I stand ready. 准备就绪
– Waiting on you. 正在等你
– Point the way! 指路!
– On your mark. 依你指示
– Your move. 行动
– Say no more! 不用多说
– Done! 完成!
– Fair enough! 好极了
– All too easy! 太简单了
– Ewww, I”m all a quiver! E……我根本是个箭袋子
– Fear my l33t skills!* 为我的精英技能感到恐惧吧
– Let”s move. 5 meter spread. No sound 我们行动吧,间隔5米,悄无声息(也就是get away and shut up#_#和“请在外面把门关上”异曲同工)
– I”m more than a ranger. I”m a night ranger. 我不光是一个射手,我是一个夜之射手。
– I”m not just some plucky girl you can string along! 我不是那种轻浮的随便就可以泡上的女孩。
– My release date”s been changed! 我的发售日期延期了!(暴雪哟……)
– Shot through the heart, and I”m to blame! 射穿他的心脏!我来承担责任
– I said a bow string not Gin… ah, nevermind! 我说的是弓弦,不是轧棉机(弹棉花的弓)~~~~啊,算了

女猎手 (趣味注解: 死亡音效文件名是”SentinelDeath” (哨兵死亡–砒霜)而不是女猎人)
– Godess light my path! 女神啊,照亮我的道路!
– Make it fast! 快点!
– In position! 就位!
– Standing guard! 原地戒备!
– Speak your mind. 说出你的想法
– I am sworn to avenge! 我发誓要报仇
– Absolutely! 绝对服从
– I shall not fear. 我不怕
– As the Godess wills! 按照女神的意愿!
– I walk in shadow. 我潜行于黑暗之中
– My wait is over. 我的等待结束了
– I can blend!
– Give a hoot, don”t pollute!
– Frisbee anyone? 玩飞盘吗?
– This is my owl, there are many liek it, but this one”s mine! 这是我的猫头鹰,很多都长的很象,但这只是我的。
– I”m here to work on my slice. 我来尽我的职责
– I”m caught between the moon and NightElf city. 我往返于月亮与夜精灵城之间
– Fly Boobou!** 飞吧,boobou(翅膀拍击)
– I”m not given to flights of fancy! 我不习惯于在幻想中飞翔。
– [.vs 英雄] For the Great Mother! (黑豹的嚎叫声) 为了伟大的(大地?月神?)母亲
– Seek! 探索!
– Catch! 捕获!
– Fear the night!恐惧黑夜!
– Prey for dawn! 祈祷黎明!
– Come and get it! 来呀,上啊

弩炮 (注解: 音效全为噪音没有文字)

角鹰兽 (注解: 音效全为噪音没有文字)

角鹰兽骑士 抱怨部分是有语音的,这里没有包括……待加

双头龙 (注解: 音效全为噪音没有文字)

– Ahh, the great outdoors! 啊~~室外太棒了!
– Hi! HI!
– Is there trouble? 有什么麻烦吗?
– Are we being invaded? 我们被侵略了吗?
– What is nature”s call? 大自然在召唤吗?
– [虚弱魔法] This might sting a little. 这可能会有点疼哦。
– For the trees! 为了树神!
– Making trails. 正在开路
– I”m game. 我有兴趣
– Gladly! 很乐意
– I”m not the Dryad you”re looking for. 我不是你要找的那只树妖
– Doh! 哆来米的哆/母鹿^-^
– Fear the fearsome fury of the forest fawn! (绕口令诶,快读一遍看看会不会咬到舌头?)为森林小鹿可怕的愤怒而恐惧吧
– You communicate by clicking on me, I communicate by doing what you say. 你通过点击和我交流,而我通过行动和你交流。
– I”m not in season! 现在是禁猎期!(or:现在非发情期?eek…)
– I got a few bucks set aside for later. 以后我得找头公鹿呆在我旁边
– Fall like leaves… in fall! (又是绕口令?)象秋天的树叶一样坠落吧
– I don”t reveal much on the mini map. It”s all my fault.我没探出太多地图,这都是我的错(呜咽)
– I”ll attract the enemy with my human call: I”m so wasted, I”m so wasted! 好吧,我会用我的人类声音去吸引敌人的……我真是生不逢时呀,生不逢时!
– [.vs 英雄] For Calendor!** 为了kalimdor!(Calendor应为Kalimdor—夜精灵的家园,下同)
– Die, infidel! 死吧,异端!
– Taste my spear! 尝尝我的标枪!
– The hunt is on! 打猎开始了!
– Aim dead center! 瞄准要害!

– The sleeper has awakened! 沉睡者已经醒来
– I”m awake, I”m awake! 我醒来了~我醒来了~
– Our time is short! 我们时间紧迫
– Where shall I strike? 我该攻击哪里?
– My strength is yours! 我的力量是属于你的!
– [熊形态] Things are about to get Grizzly! 有东西要变成灰色(灰熊)了!
– [冬眠] Sleep, and be healed! 睡吧,得到治疗
– My path is clear. 我的道路通畅
– At once. 马上
– Of course. 当然
– Unodurah!** 夜精灵语
– Only you can prevent forest fires! (听起来象是恶棍 McGruff, 森林熊) 只有你能够阻止森林火灾
– I”d rather be hibernating! 我宁愿去冬眠
– He wasn”t fuzzy, was he? 这家伙没有绒毛,是吧?
– Da Bears!* 熊!
– Got any gummy humans? 你有胶水吗?人类
– Can”t… stop… dancing!情不自禁的跳舞 (音乐响起)
– Quit clicking on my bare ass!* 别点我的光(熊)PP了
– [.vs 英雄] In Nordrasil”s name!** 以Nordrasil之名义!
– Die, infidel! 死吧,异端!
– Bear arms!* 熊之利爪!/ 空手搏斗!
– I”m make short work of them! 我很快就能解决他们!

猛禽德鲁伊- (注解: 这些人没在1.03存在 但还是有声音文件. 恩~~~~暴雪!)***
– By the Great Winds, I come! 我随风而来!
– Out with it! 脱颖而出
– I am prepared. 准备就绪
– Enlighten me! 指导我吧
– Thy bidding? 汝之命令?(Lich也有这一句古文,这两个家伙都是活了几千几万岁的老古董)
– No one shall be the wiser. 没人比我更贤明
– It has begun! 开始了!
– For my brothers! 为了我的兄弟们!
– That”s a given. 理所当然
– This outfit is for the birds. 这是鸟德制服
– I”d tell you more, but then I”d have to kill you. 我会告诉你更多,然后,我就不得不杀了你
– I am the Dark Night…Elf 我是黑暗(骑士)夜……精灵
– Ahhgggcho! Uh! Don”t tell me I”m allergic to feathers! 啊~~~喔~~~别告诉我我对羽毛过敏
– I ride on the Great Winds! I am silent but deadly! 我御风而行,我是沉默的,也是致命的!
– Talon, Druid of the Talon. 猛禽,猛禽德鲁伊
– How about if I just stand over here? 我站在这里不动总可以了吧?
– [.vs 英雄] For Calendor!** 为了Kalimdor!
– No quarter! 永不对敌人仁慈!
– Make your peace! 归于和平吧!
– In the Raven”s name! 以乌鸦座的名义!

恶魔猎手- (英雄,城镇中心)
– At last, we shall have revenge! 终于,我们可以报仇了!
– The time has come. 是时候了
– We must act! 我们必须行动了!
– My blade thirsts 我的刀刃渴望着……
– Quickly! 快!
– Command Me! 命令我吧!
– [思想控制] You are spellbound!*** 你已经着魔了
– [蜕变] Time to raise hell! 呼唤地狱的时刻到了
– [吸魂] Your soul is mine!*** 你的灵魂属于我
– [鬼怪视界] Hide no longer!*** 你无处可藏
– Anatorettador!** 精灵语
– Though I be damned! 就算我是被诅咒的!
– Duranacal.** 精灵语
– At last. 终于
– Hmmm. 唔
– I shall fight fire with fire! 我要以火焰来克制火焰。
– Chaos boils in my veins! 混沌的力量在我血液中沸腾
– Demon blood is thicker than… regular blood. 恶魔之血浓于……一般的血
– I like my enemies dead and my blades flaming. 最爱看敌人死在我燃烧的刀刃下
– I love green trees! (注解: 这个很粗暴. 在游戏中其实是倒过来的, 我不想把它拼出来所以我把它倒过来了. )
– You will perish in flames (咳嗽声) Ops, sorry! 你将在火焰中毁灭(咳嗽)哦,对不起!
– Darkness called, … but I was on the phone, so I missed him. I tried to *69 Darkness, but his machine picked up. I yelled: “Pick up the phone Darkness”, but he ignored me. Darkness must have been screening his calls. 黑暗之王一度召唤我,……但我在打电话,所以我错过了。我试着回拨给他,但只听到录音留言。我喊道:“拿起电话呀,黑暗之王”,但是他不理我。黑暗之王一定是屏蔽了他的电话。
– [.vs 英雄] For Calendor! 为了Kalimdor
– None shall survive! 挡我者死!
– Your blood is mine! 喝你的血!
– Run for your life! 快逃命吧!
– Revenge! 复仇!

丛林守护者- (英雄,城镇中心)
– I must safegaurd the land! 保护大地是我的职责。
– Is there danger? 有险情吗?
– Command me. 命令我吧
– Who threatens the wilds? 谁在威胁着大自然?
– The time is now. 就是现在
– Nature is restless. 大自然永不宁静
– [自然之触] Everything I touch dies or comes back to life! 我的触碰带来死亡和再生!
– [扼死藤] This should weed out a few! 这些杂草应该清除
– [荆棘] You mess with the branch, you get the thorns! 你跟树枝战斗,就得面对荆棘。
– [宁静] The calm, before the storm. 暴风雨前的宁静
– By the spirits! 以精灵们的力量!
– For Calendor! 为了Kalimdor!
– Well, there it is. 好,在那边
– So shall is be. 理应如此
– Naturally. 自然而然
– My father was mounted over someone”s fireplace. 我父亲是画在壁炉上方的座骑
– Feel natural, nature”s way. 感受大自然的自然
– Don”t let the doe hit you on the way out! 那些母鹿要来扁你了
– When I Attack, part 3. 当我攻击时,第3部分
– Free rides for the ladies MM免费骑哦
– Heard up! 收到!
– [.vs 英雄] Smite the defilers of the land! 给污染者以致命一击!
– Feel nature”s wrath! 感受自然的愤怒!
– Death to all defilers! 污染者,受死!
– None shall harm the wilds! 没有人可以伤害大自然!

月亮女祭祀- (英雄,城镇中心)
– Warriors of the night, assemble! 夜之战士们,集结起来!
– We are poised to strike! 我们随时准备战斗!
– We must act! 我们得行动了!
– I am vigilant! 我时刻警惕着!
– Trust in my command. 相信我的指挥吧!
– [月光] Godess, grant me sight! 女神啊,赐予我慧眼吧!
– [月反射] Let me bounce this off you. 从你身上反弹吧!
– [灼光] Highbeams on! 强光照射!
– [强击] Shoot to kill! 射杀!
– [黎明] Darkness falls across the land. 黑暗降临大地(知道MJ的Thriller吗?Darkness Falls Across The Land ,The Midnight Hour Is Close At Hand,Creatures Crawl In Search Of Blood……”Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night……MJ开始与一群僵尸跳舞^o^ )
– Leading the way! 领路!
– Onward! 前进!
– As I thought. 正合我意
– The Godess agrees. 正如女神所愿
– I command the army of Darkness! 我指挥着黑暗(暗夜)部队!
– I”m caught between the moon and NightElf city. 我往返于月亮与夜精灵城之间
– Come on! We”re burning moonlight. 来吧!我们是燃烧的月之光
– When a Treant falls in the forest, does it make a sound? 一个树人在森林里倒下时,会发出声音吗?
– [.vs 英雄] By the Godess! 以女神的力量!
– Strike! 进攻!
– For the Godess! 为了女神!
– Prepare to be Moonstruck!准备接受月神之击!(Moonstruck的字典解释:源于月光能引起精神错乱的信仰,是不是有点讽刺?)

Ready – “My prey is near.” —我的猎物就在附近。
Warcry – “Justice has come.” —审判降临。
What1 – “Have you reached a verdict?”—你有判决了吗?
What2 – “Let me investigate.” —让我来仔细调查
What3 – (Elvish)
What4 – (Elvish)
What5 – “I am the iron hand of justice.”—我是司法(正义)的铁碗。
Yes1 – “Let the hunt begin.”—狩猎开始吧。
Yes2 – “Understood.” —明白。
Yes4 – “I can taste their fear.”—我能感觉到他们的恐惧。
Yes5 – “Justice shall be swift.” —执法必须迅速。
YesAttack1 – “They shall not escape!” —他们决对逃脱不了!
YesAttack2 – “Let justice be served!” —为司法服务!
YesAttack3 – “I am the law.” —我就是法律。
Pissed1 – “I shall be your executioner.” —我会是你的死刑执行者。
Pissed2 – “Only the guilty need fear me.” —只有犯罪者对我感到恐惧。
Pissed3 – “Justice may be blind, but i’m not.” —司法可能有盲目,但,我没有。
Pissed4 – “Truth, Justice and the Night Elf way.” —执行真理,正义和夜精灵的路线(方法?)
Pissed5 – “You think you’re above the law?” —你认为你能凌驾于法律之上?
Pissed6 – “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” —我们在这所面对的是沟通的失败(既然已经这样,没有沟通的必要了。)
Pissed7 – “I hold you in contempt.”—对你,我只有蔑视。(鄙视你!!!:)
Pissed8 – “He’s no good to me if he’s dead.” —他死了的话,对我毫无价值。(追杀狂。。。)
Note: Mountain Giant and Faery Dragon don’t speak. 山岭巨人和仙女龙没有具体的语言。

– [.vs 英雄] By the light of the Moon! 以月神之光的名义!
– I”ll give it a shot! 看我一箭射死!
– Fire! 射!
– One shot, one kill. 一击必杀
– Cry havok! 哭泣吧!


Pandaren Brewmaster
Ready – “Fresh, cool ale here.” — 有新鲜凉爽的啤酒(ale:含较多酒精的淡啤酒)
Warcry – “For Pandarea!” —为了熊猫帝国!(?panda+area熊猫帝国,熊猫领域)
What1 – “Is trouble brewing?” —有什么麻烦吗?(brewing:在酿造中)
What2 – “Name your poison.” —为你的毒药起个名字。(?)
What3 – “You seem a little parched.” —你看上去有点火气。(在他吐火之后。。。)
What4 – “Another round?” —再来一回合?(挑衅的意味。。)
Yes1 – (japanese) —(一句日语,因为原先设定为日本家伙,后来虽然改了服装,但语言没有变。懒暴雪)
Yes2 – “Oh, gladly” —噢,很乐意
Yes3 – (Japanese)
Yes4 – “Ill give it a shot.” —我给它来一下子。
Yes5 – (Japanese)
YesAttack1 – “This will be grizzly.” —这会有点灰。
YesAttack2 – “For the Shodopon” (sp?) —为了Shodopon!(那个padanarea的名字?)
YesAttack3 – “Now your endangered.” —老兄现在你危险了。
YesAttack4 – “I bring Panda-monium!” —我带来padan-monium!(?)
YesAttack5 – “Prepare to get trashed.” —准备受死!
Pissed1 – “Ale is my bear necessity.”—啤酒是我生存的必需品!
Pissed2 – “Last call before Closing!” —结束之前最后的召集!
Pissed3 – “Come drown your sorrows.” —不用太难过。
Pissed4 – “This will put hair all over you.” —这会让你浑身长毛。(?!)
Pissed5 – “I’d kiss you, but i’ve got puke breath.” —我想吻你,但是我满嘴的酒气。
Pissed6 – “My dad… he was a bi-Polar.”— 我老爹。。。他曾是个bi-polar。(??,bi-polar:双级。。)
Pissed7 – “I can’t breed in captivity” —我可不想被关起来养着。
Pissed8 – *burp* “Sorry.” —(“饱嗝声”),对不起。

Dark Ranger
Ready – “Im here. As always.” —我在这,总是。
Warcry – “Let phantom arrows fly.” —让幻影之箭飞出。
What1 – “My bow is ready.” —箭已在弦。
What2 – “I will aid you.” —我来支援你。
What3 – “Direct my hatred.” —指引我的憎恨。
What4 – “Let the living beware.” —活着的家伙你们小心点。(她是undead。。)
What5 – “End my torment.” —请结束我的痛苦。(仍然“活”在痛苦中。。)
Yes1 – “If that is your wish.” —如果你那样想。
Yes2 – “If I must.” —我必须。
Yes3 – “I go.” —我这就去干。
Yes4 – “Will this ever end?” —永无终结。。
YesAttack1 – “Embrace the end.”—拥抱终结。(这几句话大家应该比较熟悉,是女妖。她原来就是女妖。)
YesAttack2 – “Goal: death.”—目标:死亡。
YesAttack3 – “You’re the lucky one.” —算你走运。
Pissed1 – “I hate what i’ve become.” —我憎恨我的前身。(女妖)
Pissed2 – “The living haunt me.” —到处都是活物!
Pissed3 – “Men are from Mars, I’m from the grave.” —男人来自火星,我来自墓穴。(开始开玩笑了,这女的还蛮有点 意思的)
Pissed4 – “I went on a job interview the other day and they were like ‘uhh, whats that smell?’ and I was like, ‘Oh, sorry, it’s me’. And then they said they didn’t think i’d be able to fit in with the other employees, ’cause they’re living and, you know, i’m dead, so i wouldn’t be a team player. But then I said I could work 24 hours. And they said ‘Oh, right. You could work the graveyard shift’.”

I come from the darkness of the pit 我来自黑暗深渊
Ahh~~ 啊~~~
What trickery is this? 这是虾米把戏?
What is your feeble request? 给我你那弱智的命令
Dont waste my time 别浪费我时间
Tremble before me! 在我面前颤抖吧!
Ahh~ 啊~~~~
What a foolish glory 多傻的荣耀啊
Pitful 真黑
I bring darkness 我带来了黑暗呀~~
You failed to amuse me 你根本没能让我开心~
I go to destory 我去破坏
This would please me 这会让我高兴
To the Slaughter 杀 杀 杀
You know what burns in my Ass?The flame of Desire. 知道我PP里虾米在燃烧么?欲望火!
Err~~I think I’ve someone stuck in my teeth 靠~不知谁塞进了我牙缝儿~~
Herr Herr Herr 呵…呵….呵………
I think it’s certern.FINISH is called for here~~~OAhhhhhhrrrrrr~~~ 没错,终结即将到来.嗷嗷
主持人:Well come back to “Jania in the morning” 欢迎来到”Jania早间访谈
Now we are here with the avenger of night hunter and… Camp 现在我们在夜晚复仇者营地
Now Gam ,you think you’re here for an make over Right? Gam,你要在这里做个转让吗?
Gam: Yeah~ 是啊
主持人:Why do you think you are relly here? 你怎么会真的认为是在这里?
深渊:Well _Air_Yumi I love you,but..I have something to tell you, I am a Demon. 我爱你_Air_Yumi,可我不得不说 我是恶魔^O^
观众:…Wow…what…a Demon 啊?什么~~~恶魔…..
深渊:I mean a normal pit lord 实际上是个普通的深渊领主
主持人:What?i dont understand it. 什么 什么? 我不明白啊
观众:He’s a BOMB ,move him out 他是个炸弹,把他弄走!!
主持人:I bet you say you’re in an post office 我记得你说你在邮局工作啊
深渊:Well, i moves like 我只是移动起来象个邮局罢了.. – –
深渊还有一句是“In mannoroth’s name !”

You’re ‘ere I live 你来了,我便得到了生命
Fire away. 你可以退下了.
You may speak 你可以说话
I’m lit 我被点着(火)了~~
I’ll reduce all to ashes. 我把一切变成灰烬
I’ll like away(Fire away. 你可以退下了.的回答)
The order has given 得到了命令
It is done 搞定了
It shall be 我会搞定的
Ashes to ashes 一个灰烬又一个灰烬
Consume 削弱
The order has given 得到了命令
They’ll be cleansed by fire 他们会被火净化
They are mops,err~ 他们真难看
No thanx, i don smoke. 不,谢谢,我不抽烟
Though I’m hot or what 虽然我有点热
Why i’m here with a foreign stranger keep following me? 为什么总有个国外的陌生人跟着我
So thirsty…..hahaha 太渴了~~哈哈
I am Lord of all fire 我是一切火的领主
Ashes to ashes: 就是经常听到的那句Ashes to ahses, dust to dust,尘归尘,土归土,葬礼上常用的祈祷文
I’m a chemical super freak:偶印象最深刻的就是这句了^O^ 电影《石破天惊》里面尼古拉斯.凯奇的台词。他和一个FBI官员借枪的时候对方说You need a gun? You’re a chemical freak. (你要枪干什么?你是个化学狂人)尼古拉斯回答In fact, I am a chemical super freak, but I still need a gun (实际上,我是个超级化学狂人,可是我还是需要把枪)

care for a cocktail? 想要马尾酒吗?
I’m all stucked and ready to go, 我准备好了,可以出发
what do u want to be when u grow up, 你长大了想干什么?
i’m a chemical super freak 我是一个化学疯子
no, shake it, not…(explosion) 不,叫你摇晃它,不是。。。(爆炸)
one of those potions smell aweful, “hehehheeh”有一瓶药水闻起来很奇怪。。。(坐骑:嘿嘿嘿。。。)
ay, pull his finger. “that’s not my finger” 把手指拿开, (坐骑:那不是我的手指)
* glass shatter *o no what did i drop? “o yeah” o wait what are you
doing? o No not the laugh potion(玻璃破碎)啊,不好,我丢了什么?(坐骑:太棒了)啊,等等,你在干什么?天啊为什么是那瓶让人发笑的药水?
you love my new recipe 你喜欢我的新配方。。。
wanna blow something up? 想炸掉些什么吗?
right click move: 移动
i’ll shake that right up 我去摇它。(这是方言,可以理解为交给我了)
i’ll get that mixed up 我去把它解决(原文mix翻译为溶解)
don’t rush me 不要催我
you got it 没问题。
attack: hurry i got things to blow up 快,还有东西等着我去炸呢
taste my firery potions 尝尝我的火焰药水
!@#(!@^*(&^(goblin language? -.-) you fool 地精语,你这个笨蛋
for the highest bidder!为出价最高的人卖力!

beast master:
I’m ready to track 我准备好追踪了
force them out 把它们赶出去
unleash my strength 让我发挥力量
my glory nears 我的荣耀即将来到
what lies before me 我前面有什么
the beasts obey me 野兽们受命于我
where lay ahead is my home, see that block? that’s my pillow 前面的地方就是我家,看见那块石头没有?那是我的枕头
the beasts are on me, i’m nothing compare to the beasts within 野兽和我共存,于体内的野兽相比,我什么都不是
i will now summon the “afree dwinkto” 我现在要召唤可怕的“阿佛瑞 德文托(名字,音译-。-)”了。。。
i summon the…grasp*roar* 我开始召唤。。。(恐惧而发出的叹气)(野兽的怒吼)
don’t have a cow? mooo… o dear…*roar* bare with me…”moo”…*bear roar* 没有母牛吗?*召唤*moo(牛叫)啊天啊,(熊
rite click: 右点
on the brawl 冲击中。(brawl指球赛中少见的群殴场面。。。)
i wander alone 我一个人漫步
our path converage 我们的路相并
i’m acting on an instant 我立即行动
i’ve got the decent 我有这种感觉。(decent不明,可能错误)atack: 右点
by ban and claw 用重击和爪
unleash the beast 把野兽从禁制中解放
for the mok by thrual! 为了mok by thrual音译人名
magie cur *orc language?* 兽人语
tinker: 修理工
i’m all geared up 我武装好了
all systems go 所有系统正常
whatcha got 你有什么
the engine’s running 引擎在活动
i’m more than meets the eye (comment: ??? have no idea) 这个估计听错了,不过它说得很清楚,翻译不过来,meets可能是meats
*din!* uh-oh, my tinker bell! 叮! 嗯,我的修补种
yeah, runs on 2;20, 2;21 whatever it takes 对啊,它会在2。20,或者2。21,或者其他需要的状态下工作
*crack, crack*bad noise, that’s a bad noise *机器摩擦* 这个声音不好听!
she’ll hold it together, yeah baby, hold it together… *engine starts* 她(引擎)当然可以胜任,,yeah baby,去吧。* 引擎发动
*machine cracking….*..*boom!* O…gona need a new hamster*机器磨损中* 。。。* 爆炸* 天啊。。。这回需要一个新的大老鼠了。(
i’ve got a rocket in that pocket 我口袋里有颗导弹
that guy’s nuts, grab him! 那个家伙真是食古不化,抓住他!
rite click;
i’m on top of it 我就来了
i can handle that 我可以摆平它
yeah… baby 按:太不好翻了不过地球人都看得懂吧
let’s roll out 我们出发吧
Owahlallalla grahlalala…(comment: nonsense scream) 无法翻译,不过可以想象自己小时候和人打价时口中发出的呐喊。。。
aye yaww 哎呀
you have 10 seconds to comply 你还有10秒钟来答应我
you are terminated 你挂了
I’m more than meets the eye:这句话的意思就是不要以貌取人。meet the eye就是指看上去的样子,也就是说”我可不仅仅是看上去这样”
I’m all stucked and ready to go: 也是一句黑色幽默.I’m all stucked,我被困住了. Ready to go, 准备好出发了.想想他那身瓶瓶罐罐…估计想不被困住也难- -!
bang! 爆炸声
naga sea witch: 那加
our will shall be done 我们的愿望会实现
is it time? 时间到了吗?
time is short, mortal 普通人,你的时间不多了
i grow anxious to act 我急躁地想出击
i will not be trifled with 我不会任凭嘲弄的
soon, we will reclaim the surface world, and take vengence upon the night elves我们(那加)很快就会重新占领地面世界,并向夜精
illidan will show us the path to power,一粒蛋会带领我们走向力量之路
keep tripping over this, damn tail!一直被这个绊倒,可恨的尾巴!
damn sea world, i will never get those coils out of my hair! 可恨的海洋世界,我永远无法把头发里的卷曲扯直
it’s far too bright in the surface world, and this *sniff* fresh air is irretating my eyes!陆地世界太亮了,而且这个(嗅)新鲜
rite click;右点
brilliant 太聪明了
in nar sharral’s name 以nar sharral的为名。。。
*sort of screaming* yeah~… (吼叫,嘶喊。。。)耶~…
for the emperece 为了女帝王
by your command 听你的指挥
for nad atar!为了nad atar
afero afo blas *naga language* 那加语
taste my stin 尝尝被我刺的滋味
var na tada *naga lan* 那加语


附上感言…一早回想最近其实自己有很多事情要做,却都没做完,另外忙着租房子,找了很多都不是很满意,外加那个中介MM又太友好了.让我难以决定,就这样住下吧,还是拒绝别人,虽然知道别人是在工作,这是她应该做的.不过她不该做的是要我的QQ…让我纠结了小段时间,不过也没加上,同事开玩笑的说,聊的好,说不定少点中介费 😐


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